Andi Case

Artist & Owner


I’m Andi and I love to take pictures. But if you’re here, you already know that. I could go on and on about how much I love photography and all the bells and whistles about how great my business is but I’m not going to. I think my work speaks for itself. Check out my portfolios and if you like what you see, contact me and we’ll go have some FUN!

One of my favorite things about working with my clients is getting to know them. I find the better I know them . . . the easier it is for me to tell their story through photography. I also find that my clients open up easier if they know a few things about me. So here are ten parts of my story . . .

1. I feel most like myself when I am doing something creative. I can wander a craft store for hours and dream of the projects I would create. Because of this, I have too many craft supplies and not enough time for projects.

2. I am a writer. By education (B.S. in communication from Illinois State University), by trade (my day job as a corporate communicator) and by choice (my hobby). Check out my blog at

3. I love people. This trait must show outwardly because random people talk to me all the time. And I love it!

4. I love to travel. Especially to beaches. My favorite beach location I have been to is Cancun, Mexico. Neither words nor photographs can clearly capture the exact aquamarine color of the water there.

5. I can (and do) listen to 80s rock music for hours. Long live the mullet! Jon Bon Jovi has been my self-proclaimed boyfriend since 1986. My husband knows this and accepts it. 

6. While I love the 80s, I was born in the wrong decade. I would have been a heck of a hippie! 7. Instead of going to college right after high school, I wish I would have moved to Hollywood to give the whole “I’m going to become a famous actress dream” a go, as acting is a passion of mine.

8. Someday I will write a book about my family’s journey with a terrible chronic illness my daughter has called POTS.

9. I am an advocate for those with disabilities. I volunteer regularly for the Special Olympics of Illinois and also am in the process of starting a non-profit organization called Doggone Disabilities. Check it out at

10. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and that everyone has a story. I would love it if you chose me to capture yours.

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